Power of Memory

Power of Memory

Memory is not the same for everyone. Now a day, Human being is using only 20% to 30% of memory and another 10% of memory is storing unnecessary things which are not useful for us.

Every creature in creation has the ability to remember the past.

An ant going towards a fire remembers that it was hot and it was immediately turn back. This means that they were already experienced this and stored this to their memory.

This happens when the things were done to them at that moment of incident, they was memorize like this.

It is scientifically proven that it is true. Likewise, children remember with experience that they should stay away from fire when they get a little knowledge.

Memory Power

A good memory does not mean that you can load all the things into the brain, but you must have the power to take out the necessary things from the brain at the required time and use them.

Many people think that if the duration is long, the particular matter will not be remembered properly, this is not true.

In fact, if the duration between these two is long, the matter will be repeated more times in the brain and remembered well.

Although man wastes 70 percent of his memory, and they are wastes their memory on unnecessary matters while thinking useless things.

In this time we must use our memory power to sort out these wastes from brain. Then, we can clear our bad memory and we should only concentrate on important things and memorize the brain.

Every person can know whether we are wasteful or not through small tests.

Power of Memory

Memory Loss

Some people may have memory loss due to a defect in the brain, such people are only two out of a thousand people who get this disease either due to an accident or due to a defect in the blood, but as mentioned earlier, only two out of a thousand people have this disease.

But some people who are very lazy always thought that they have no memory and they have a feeling that they cannot do it, actually they has no disease but they felt that. It’s not proper thinking in this way we lose our memory power.

Everyone has to face all the difficulties that a person has to face in life. But Lack of memory is a man’s self-inflicted punishment.

Mental Health Supplement

Mental Health Supplement

Mental exercise

Mental exercise is essential to sharpen the power of memory.

Just as we exercise to keep our body healthy, we should also do some exercises to keep our brain active.

In our spare time, we should continue to look at atlas, read general knowledge books, solving puzzles, learn things that we don’t know, etc.

The mind is like a small world, no matter how many things are holds in it, it is still empty. Also, if we put it in the right order, it will give us what we want at the right time.

Most important thing in mental exercise know the new things, if you are more interested to know about new things it will exercise your brain and it will improve your memory power and it is also very good for our brain, So we don’t feel too tired.

Anyone who has the patience to remember such things will surely achieve success in life


It requires concentration to memorize. If we want to memorize the entire thing then we want to remember and fixed in our brain.

An hour of concentrated effort yields more results than years of non concentrated effort.

To remember something, we have to repeat it again and again.

During our free time, we have to remember any matter that we have to do is read and memorize.

By doing this, it imprints on the brain ten times stronger than what we read once.

According to expert research, reading aloud is more memorable than reading silently.

The reason for this is that while reading aloud the tongue and mouth also work for the soul – if the tongue and mouth are used to work, the inner soul remains focused on the subject being read.

But the scholars reasoned that if one reads in silence, the soul runs towards something else even though the inner soul is aware of it.

Apart from that, if you read anything up, the eyes will see and the ears will hear.

But compared to both, the sight seen with the eyes is remembered more than the hearing with the ears, because the nerves that carry things from the eyes to the brain are 25 times more powerful than the nerves that carry things from the ears to the brain.

Experts say seeing once is equal to hearing 1000 times.

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