Accepting Guest Posts, Become a Contributor By Writing For Us

We welcome you to sharemarketwealth! You have ended up landing on my information and knowledge blog’s contributor page.

I created this accepting guest posts page intended for you as well as several guest post

guidelines since it was my wish that you submit the guest post on the blog that I own.

Now it’ll be possible for you to submit your article on sharemarketwealth, there are guest

post strategies for you on many subjects.

Just go on reading.

It will provide you with a better opportunity to become a guest writer.

Accepting Guest Posts, Become a Contributor By Writing For Us

Advantages of Submit Guest Post

Submitting guest posts on any site comes with lots of advantages and I am not mentioning only sharemarketwealth.

First, you happen to be in front of the present audience.

It is possible for you to write anything remarkable, and the Blog audience is going to see it.

By default, the post made by you is going to be on the homepage for several days in WordPress.

Therefore, rather than searching for a backlink, it is imperative for you to make use of that audience base.

You may

•          Perform your branding.

•          Mention that I have been featured on my guest blogs of your site [ex- for you might also refer to sites I have been written for].

•          We will inscribe your name similar to [Your name’s] guest post courtesy in the initial line.

•          A single Nofollow backlink.

•          You are going to have an author box, it is possible for you to include your image as well as a nice description for impressing users towards your brands and blog.

•          Also sorry, no link is offered by us from any post at present. It’ll be imperative for you to opt for a sponsor post or paid post in case you require a dofollow link from post. Contact me for paid post.

Guest Post Guidelines, Contributor Guidelines

•          It is important for the post to be properly written and it should be fresh as well.

It must not be any spun content. I have the ability to recognize spun content.

•          There must not be any poorly written article or any copy paste.

•          Topics for the share market, guest post, tricks, Tips, Top and Best Article, Apps for trading, articles related to finance, download, share market.

•          The length of the article must be in excess of 800 words.

Note: We are likewise accepting paid posts related to Casino, bitcoin, Casino Games, Betting, Free spins.

How can guest post be submitted?

You need to create the article in case you have decided to make contributions to our site.

Moreover, it is imperative for you to submit an article so that it can be published.

It’ll be feasible to submit your content to my email directly.

Note: Although it is possible for you to do the guest post, you will not be able to include any link in that post.

You have to do the paid post in case you like to obtain the link.

In case any mail regarding bitcoin casino as well as betting link is being sent by you, it has to be mentioned in the Subject line.

Submit the blog post: inyourserve[at]

It is also possible to contact directly in case you like to Become a Contributor.

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