The Medicinal Properties of Water

· Ayurveda views water as a potent remedy for various diseases. · Proper water consumption can lead to a disease-free life of a hundred years.

How to Drink Water

· Drinking water slowly allows for effective nutrient absorption. · Fast water consumption can negatively impact kidneys and health. · Drink water sip by sip, similar to drinking hot milk.

Benefits of Sipping Water

· Sipping water aids digestion by mixing with saliva. · Avoiding fast drinking can prevent appendicitis, hernia, and kidney issues. · Proper water consumption reduces the risk of hospitalization and expenses.

Sitting vs. Standing

· Always sit while drinking water to support kidney function. · Standing can lead to toxin buildup and various health issues.

Choice of Container

· Opt for a glass bottle over plastic to avoid potential health risks. · Be cautious of leaving a gap between the bottle and mouth to prevent bloating, joint pain, and knee pain.

How Much Water to Drink?

· The amount of water intake depends on factors like climate and activity. · Suggested daily intake ranges from 1.5 to 4 liters, including fruit juices. · Dehydration risk if consuming less than 1.5 liters.

Monitoring Hydration

· Observe urine color; dark color indicates the need for more water. · Follow a pyramid-shaped water intake pattern, with maximum in the morning and minimum at night.

When to Drink Water

· Avoid drinking water immediately after meals to aid digestion. · Drink water at least 45 minutes after meals to optimize digestive processes.

Morning Hydration

· Drinking water in the morning supports detoxification and a relaxed intestine. · Prevents gallstones, ulcers, constipation, and other digestive issues. · Recommended intake: up to 1.5 liters.

Special Considerations

· Water helps in weight loss and arthritis relief when consumed in the morning. · Limit water intake before bedtime to avoid sleep disruption. · Wait 15 minutes after urinating or eating fruits to drink water. · Avoid cold water; opt for lukewarm water for better metabolism and overall health.