Vegetable Uttapam Recipe

We all know that Uttapam is an extremely well-known South Indian dish that can be served as a snack as well.

Spring Onion Dosa Recipe

This is a delectable dosa prepared from rice, grated coconuts, urad dal, red chilis, and jaggery that will be ideal for your breakfast.

Spicy Crunchy Masala Idli Recipe

This recipe is quite simple to make from leftover idli batter flavored with mint leaves, bell peppers, and coriander.

Tawa Idli Recipe

This happens to be a delicious snack with a twist that will simply mesmerize you.

Idli Tikka Recipe with Sambar

You can surely serve this recipe at your subsequent party after pouring sambar on top along with chutney.

Oats and Coconut Dosa Recipe

Being an instant version of the traditional dosa, this recipe will satisfy your taste buds in the best possible way.

Ragi Onion Uttapam Recipe

This wholesome breakfast recipe is a healthy breakfast prepared from idli batter providing us with the much-required millets in our diet.