Fun quizzes

Here, one has to provide answers to a given set of questions starting with the same letter.

What is in my bag?

You need to select the bag of any member and guess the maximum number of items inside it.

Predict the movie

You have to jot down the maximum number of movies acted by a particular actor on a piece of paper.

Predict the advertisement

Here, the participants have to predict the brand’s name using their taglines.

Memorize the songs

In this case, one has to sing the maximum number of songs of any particular pair of actors and actresses.

Name the song

You have to write the maximum number of songs beginning with a particular word.

Illuminate the room

One has to like as many candles as possible with only one matchstick to light up the room.

Prepare the chain

The participant has to make the chain of safety pins and rubber bands, and the one making the longest chain will become the winner.