The Federal Reserve has increased its short-term fed funds rate to fight inflation to target 5.25% to 5.50%.

During the first 3 months of 2023, money market fund assets increased to $5.69 trillion.

Fixed-income assets are usually low-risk income generators.

A conventional balanced portfolio comprises 40% fixed income and 60% stocks which we also call the 60/40 portfolio.

This year, 7 federal income tax rates have been listed by the IRS that range from 10% to 37%.

Capital gains tax rates and qualified stock dividends for assets held for a minimum of one year will vary from 0% to 20%.

Even though you need to pay federal taxes in the interest income, a T-bill might be a fantastic investment in case you reside in a high-tax state.

Treasuries are 100% assured by Uncle Sam, and therefore, they happen to be the safest.