Affiliate Marketing

Here, you will enter into a partnership with an organization in which case you will earn a commission on an item.

A bond ladder

It happens to be a sequence of bond and passive investments which is quite popular among retirees these days.

Forex trading

It is concerned about speculating on the price of the currency of one country against another.

Marketing your services on Fiverr

This site can be used for video editing, graphic design, virtual assistant, copywriting, and so forth.

Commencing a podcast

It will be possible to sell your personal products, perform affiliate deals with guests, and sell sponsorships too.

Rental investment via properties

It will be feasible to generate a steady income every month with the help of a cash-flowing rental property.

Do a course

It will be feasible to garner a good amount of cash by doing your own course with the help of Coursera or Udemy.