Doggy Happy Hour

Request your community members to bring their pets at a nominal entrance fee.

Dinner Party Auction

Here, it’ll be sensible to combine delicious food items and the exhilaration of bidding.

Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast

It’ll be a reasonable idea to come into collaboration with Applebee’s and sell tickets to your breakfast.

Beer Garden Night

Come into collaboration with a beer garden for co-hosting a dinner. You’ll get a percentage of the evening’s sales as well.

Coffee House

It’ll be a fantastic opportunity to share snacks and warm beverages with community members.

Floating Lantern Night

Here, the participants will make a wish while sending their lanterns up into the heavens.

Golf Tournament

Install drink stations around the golf course which will help you to accumulate tips as well.

Fashion Show

Here, make the guys purchase clothing where a portion will go to you.