What Do You Mean By The A Tree Planter And What Are The Different Types

It might be the fact that you like to add a focal point to your outdoor patio space or small garden.

In that case, container gardening will be suitable for you.

Tree Planter

Before providing you with enough knowledge on tree planters, let us see what types of trees can be grown in a tree planter.

The best trees that can be grown in a tree planter

1. Apple (Malus domestic)

Apple trees are a fantastic choice in this case given that they produce delicious fruits as well as lovely foliage.

You will need a large pot for these trees along with lots of water and a blend of rich, loam soil.

They need to be placed in full sunlight and you can expect them to produce juicy apples in the long run.

2. Japanese Maple

These types of deciduous trees can boast of having dark gray trunks and they will produce vibrant red or green leaves.

They will need partial shade and cool along with moist potting soil for flourishing.

It’ll be a good idea to add a Japanese maple bonsai to your backyard for a spectacular focal point.

3. Olive Tree

These trees will be a fantastic choice to grow in a tree planter in warm regions.

In the proper conditions, the olive tree is going to sprout white fragrant flowers and gray-green leaves.

Make sure to keep the olive tree in a container along with drainage holes plus sufficient aeration near the base.

4. Bay Tree

These slow-growing trees will provide you with aromatic leaves.

A bay tree is likewise a wonderful ornamental container plant.

These types of trees will grow well in case there is enough bright natural lighting.

You also need to water these plants frequently along with sufficient drainage.

Therefore, there must be lots of holes at the base of the pot.

There are many more different types of trees that can be grown in a tree planter although we have not mentioned them in this article.

Guidelines for growing trees in a tree planter

1. Selecting your tree

Even though it is possible for any young tree to grow healthily in the tree planter for the first 5 years, it’ll be a good idea to plant certain species of trees in the ground after that.

However, the good news is that you will come across many trees that can thrive better while growing in containers.

Most of these trees happen to be of evergreen varieties such as Camellia and Olive.

The reason for this is that they are able to survive with a limited root area.

2. Selecting a container

The size of the container should be big enough to support the growing tree as well as its roots.

On most occasions, these trees must be planted in such a manner in a container that it is 2 times the depth and width of the root ball.

Nevertheless, you should take care not to overwhelm the tree with a large pot since an excessive amount of space might imply that the roots will be surrounded by damp soil which can be unhealthy in the long run.

It’ll be imperative to place the tree in a bigger container outdoors with lots of fresh and nutritious compost.

The depth and the diameter should be increased gradually by approximately 10 cm at the interval of every 2 years.

3. How to pot the tree

It’ll be a good idea to place stones or pebbles at the bottom of the tree planter so that it is not possible for the holes to become clogged with soil, thus allowing free drainage.

The soil must have adequate aeration as well as drainage and should also retain a sufficient amount of moisture.

You will need a general-purpose compost for this which can be supplemented with fertilizers as well.

Different types of tree planters

1. Ceramic

These types of pots happen to be finely textured and they are also made using light-colored clay.

Ceramic pots are quite attractive since they are usually painted as well as decorated with a paint-like substance.

Tree Planter

2. Coir

This kind of tree planter has become quite popular at present given that lots of damage is caused by plastic and other similar materials for the environment.

They are available in different sizes and shapes and are eco-friendly and biodegradable as well.

These containers are made from coconut husk which makes them quite environment friendly.

Tree Planter

3. Terracotta

Being similar to ceramic pottery, this type of tree planter is prepared from special terracotta clay which is porous as well as watertight in nature.

A terracotta planter will be suitable for dry soil plants.

Tree Planter

4. Wood

Being quite attractive to look at, these tree planters have become quite common these days.

However, wood planters are not that long-lasting because of adverse environmental elements.

Therefore, it’ll be a sensible idea to use them indoors.

Tree Planter

5. Concrete

Being porous in nature, concrete tree planters are quite resilient and long-lasting.

This will be suitable for succulent plants and they can also be a fantastic decor piece.

Tree Planter

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