The Importance of Self-Discipline

The Importance of Self-Discipline

Many individuals feel motivated to achieve success in life.

For this, they perform various activities such as going through publications, exercise, and so forth.

However, in spite of being motivated, they might not achieve success after a while.

At the time, they usually suffer from frustration.

Moreover, they return to their normal life in the long run.

This is because although motivation might provide us with an adrenaline rush, it will not be able to modify our lives whatsoever.

Your life is similar to a vehicle.

Motivation is similar to the ignition key of the car.

It will definitely start the car, but will not do anything more than that.

You need to accelerate the car so that it can move forward.

This acceleration happens to be self-discipline in our personal lives.

It will help us to achieve success in the long run.

Motivation will definitely provide us with a sudden burst of energy, but you need to keep it going eventually.

For this, you need to be self-disciplined consistently.

In this article, we will share three Rs that will help us to be self-disciplined without fail.

1. Reason

Here, we will cite one example of a person known as Robert. This person is a young man of 20 years and he does not have a father.

It is his mother who looks after the entire family along with Robert and his younger sister.

However, in the absence of his father, he does not receive proper guidance.

As a result, he starts mixing with individuals and becomes addicted to smoking and alcoholic drinks.

Moreover, he starts going to late-night parties as well.

His mother is not able to bear the burden of the entire family, and she soon becomes sick.

Ultimately, she passes away, and before that, she tells Robert to leave his bad habits and look after his younger sister.

Robert becomes very emotional and he finally gets rid of all his bad habits.

He starts going to college and finally, he gets a couple of jobs as well.

In this way, he becomes extremely self-disciplined.

Robert begins to perform all the tasks of his household including taking care of his sister. Moreover, he begins to find interest in reading which becomes very easy for him.

Finally, Robert is able to complete his college and procure a good job.

Furthermore, he admits his sister to college and eventually helps her to get married.

Finally, he tells to his sister that his mother would be very happy if she saw all this.

Robert is able to achieve success in his life since he has a strong reason to do so.

He had lost his mother all of a sudden and all the responsibilities fell on his shoulders.

He wanted his mother to feel proud of him.

Thus, it is evident to us that you will achieve success in life if you have a strong reason behind it.

This reason in your life will make you self-disciplined without fail.

Here, we will cite one more example.

Suppose, you hear that there is a gold mine in Egypt and you have six months in your hands to go there, your reason will definitely make it possible for you to do so.

In the same way, if you want to become self-disciplined in your life, try to find an authentic reason why you should do that.

2. Research

Once you have a strong reason, you need to take the help of research following that.

Here, we will show one more example.

There was once a dentist who took pleasure in his work to a great extent.

He used to do experiments and also attend seminars to gain more knowledge.

Once he went to Hong Kong and came across a Japanese dentist who taught him the process of making a tooth completely brand-new.

Following this, he went to the US and started applying this technique to his patients.

This is one thing that was responsible for changing his life completely.

He began to treat patients who used to come from distant areas, and the dentist started making lots of money.

Finally, he ended up opening a dental clinic as well.

In the same way, after having a reason to become successful in life you need to do comprehensive research.

You have to research in your field, and you will achieve success in the long run.

Below, we are going to cite one more instance of a person who became excessively fat following the onset of the pandemic.

This is because he started eating lots of junk food items.

However, his friend started taunting him for his obesity and he decided to start dieting and perform workouts.

Following this, he joined a fitness center and began to perform exercises.

However, he soon lost his motivation and stopped working out.

Eventually, he started eating processed food items and soon gained more weight.

But the good thing is that he started doing research on how to lose weight.

He began to watch videos on YouTube on this particular subject and also purchased a book on this.

He started researching what exactly is carbohydrate, protein, and fat.

Besides this, he also joined online forums and came in touch with people who were also trying to lose pounds.

In this way, he started becoming self-disciplined and resumed his venture to the fitness center once again.

Moreover, he also started to eat healthy food items.

And, because of this, he succeeded in losing weight in the long run. Even today, he continues going to the fitness center.

In the same manner, you also need to do adequate research to achieve success in your life.

3. Repetition

Henry Stanley, a 19th-century explorer, started exploring the Congo River along with 224 individuals.

However, only 114 individuals were remaining when the journey ended.

He spent as many as 999 days to make the exploration.

However, he was successful in the long run and was able to make the map of the river as well.

For this reason, he was regarded as the most self-disciplined person of his time.

This is because he succeeded in completing this extremely difficult job which many people were not able to complete over the years.

Interestingly, Stanley had to face lots of challenges and had to stay in extremely difficult situations during his exploration.

However, one thing he did regularly after getting up in the morning, and that was shaving.

He never allowed his beard to become big irrespective of the circumstance that he had to face.

This particular habit was the primary reason for his eventual success.

Now, it might come to your mind how it can be possible.

Actually, the explorer associated his smooth and clean skin with his work.

He used to feel confident in that manner. He used to believe that although things might become adverse for him, one thing remained within his control, and that was shaving.

Shaving regularly provided him with the confidence and courage to handle the rest of the day successfully.

There are some people who become tempted to do bad things in life.

For example, they might feel like smoking if they find that others are smoking beside them.

The identical thing happened with Stanley. Whenever he saw that he had a clean-shaven face he used to get motivation to perform things confidently.

In the same way, if you follow certain things in life and perform them daily, you will be able to develop a habit over time.

You need to focus on repetition which will surely help you to achieve your target. If you develop a habit, it will certainly make you self-disciplined.

These are the 3 Rs that you need to follow to become a successful man in your life.

First, try to find a strong reason why you want to achieve your objectives, following this do adequate research on this, and lastly go on repeating it.

The Importance of Self-Discipline

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