How to spot an alcoholic face

Our face is capable of telling many things regarding our overall health.

How to spot an alcoholic face

It behaves like a window that will enable us to comprehend the manner in which a person is treating himself.

In case you like to spot an alcoholic among many people, then what characteristics would you like to look for? You might try to find out whether the person is finding it difficult to stand, whether he has a disheveled look, and so forth.

Nevertheless, you need to be concerned about one more thing – his face.

Here, you may take the example of a breakout of spots.

This type of condition can be caused by improper skincare regimen, unhealthy diet, hormonal imbalance, anxiety and stress, usage of medicines, or any underlying ailment.

In the same manner, it is feasible for an individual who is addicted to alcohol to have distinct facial issues that can happen due to the amount of stress suffered by him while drinking.

Below, we have thrown light on how to spot an alcoholic face and what you ought to look for.

1. Redness of face

How to spot an alcoholic face

In case a person is in the habit of consuming alcohol frequently, he will suffer from facial redness which we also refer to as “alcohol flush reaction”.

In this case, the person finds it tough to break down the alcohol that he has fully consumed.

Consequently, there is an accumulation of acetaldehyde and other similar toxins present in the alcohol in the system of the addict.

The blood vessels become expanded within the face once this type of build-up takes place, and it results in a reddened or flushed appearance.

The blood vessels become dilated because of the response of the body to these toxins, and this reaction results in the redness of the face in the long run.

On some occasions, we might think that this redness has been caused by excessive heat or it is just a simple blush.

Nevertheless, it can prove to be a surefire indication when observed along with other alcohol abuse symptoms.

2. Dark circles below the eyes

One can suffer from dark circles beneath the eyes because of heavy consumption of alcohol.

It can happen because of interrupted sleep patterns as well as dehydration.

The skin encircling the eyes can appear darker over time, and it can likewise become thinner and sunken.

In this case, the blood vessels will become more noticeable in the long run.

The body of the alcohol addict will undergo the same situation every time he drinks, and he might begin to observe these symptoms more often in the course of time.

3. Discoloration of the eyes

It is possible for the liver to become damaged due to excessive alcohol abuse.

There can be an accumulation of bile in the bloodstream due to this type of damage, and it can result in a condition called jaundice.

A person suffering from jaundice can depict symptoms such as yellowing of the whites of the eyes as well as the skin which we often find in the case of alcoholics.

Here, we like to mention that too much consumption of alcohol might irritate the blood vessels present in the eyes, and it can lead to red or bloodshot eyes.

For this reason, it is common for a person to suffer from bloodshot eyes when he drinks heavily.

4. Spider veins

When one person consumes alcohol to a great extent, he will have a rosy glow on his face over time.

However, it might likewise result in broken capillaries on his face, especially around the cheeks and the nose.

Small and thread-like veins known as spider veins become visible while they become dilated because of alcohol effects.

We refer to this condition as telangiectasia which might become permanent in case the person indulges in heavy consumption of alcohol.

5. Bloodshot eyes

Another common physical characteristic related to heavy consumption of alcohol is bloodshot eyes.

There is an expansion of the blood vessels due to alcohol and it can include those vessels present in the whites of the eyes resulting in a bloodshot appearance.

Nonetheless, this condition is not permanent and will go away when the effects of the alcohol will diminish.

Nevertheless, this repeated dilation of blood vessels can result in persistently bloodshot eyes in the case of chronic alcohol abusers.

Is it possible to conclude that any person is an alcoholic by his facial appearance?

Although alcohol addiction can lead to certain physical facial characteristics, it is essential to bear in mind that they will not be adequate to indicate the condition for sure.

For example, a person can suffer from illness or deficiency of sleep that might cause the formation of dark circles below the eyes.

On the other hand, one can suffer from conditions such as spider veins due to various other reasons such as exposure to sunshine, natural aging, or even changes in the weather rather than heavy consumption of alcohol.

Final thoughts

In case you find all these facial signs mentioned in the article, then it might be the fact that the individual is suffering from alcohol addiction.

In that case, make sure to ask the person to take professional help.

It is feasible to manage withdrawal symptoms with the appropriate medical supervision given that one can stop drinking at any age and at any point in time

How to spot an alcoholic face

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