“Supercharge Your Happiness: Discover the Science of Boosting Brain’s Blissful Chemicals!”

How to Increase Happy Hormones in Brain

“Supercharge Your Happiness: Discover the Science of Boosting Brain’s Blissful Chemicals!”

It is a fact that the secret of our wellness lies in our happiness. We have been endowed with as many as 5 neurotransmitters that have the ability toheal any disease in case they are released together.

And, the good thing is that we will never be affected by any serious disease if these are present in our system at optimal levels.

If we are able to control some stress chemicals and release some happiness chemicals, then we will feel elated at all times. In case you want to have some more information on this topic, feel free to go through the article mentioned below.

The chemicals within our system that are released happen to be the energy languageof our body which are responsible for our happiness in the long run.

On the other hand, there are certain chemicals that can also make us sad or angry when they are released.

If these chemicals are not released we will not be able to understand what kind of emotion we are having at any particular time.

The same is applicable when it comes to stress chemicals as well.

We can call these chemicals to the security alarm of our system.

These help to activate the fight or flight mode within our system which makes us afraid when we see a tiger in front of us.

We suffer from a rush of adrenaline within our system with the release of cortisol (a stress hormone) at that time.

Suppose, there is a tiger standing in front of us and our stress chemicals are not released, then our lives will be in danger eventually.

The same can be applicable when we sustain any injury and will not feel pain unless these chemicals are released.

Therefore, it is very important for these stress chemicals to be released since these will help us to lead a balanced lifestyle.

"Supercharge Your Happiness: Discover the Science of Boosting Brain's Blissful Chemicals!"

What exactly are stress chemicals?

If we are facing any mental issues in our lives or any sort of emotional breakage and we want to become happy once again by getting rid of stress then it is imperative for thesehappy hormones or chemicals to be released in due time.

Let us talk about the release of our five neurotransmitters known as ADOSE of Neurotransmitters.

The names of these five chemicals are as follows:

•          A stands for Anandamide

•          D stands for Dopamine

•          O stands for Oxytocin

•          S stands for Serotonin

•          E stands for Endorphins

"Supercharge Your Happiness: Discover the Science of Boosting Brain's Blissful Chemicals!"

1. Endorphins

First, we will throw some light on Endorphins.

When these are released, endorphins function as a natural painkiller.

It is possible to have a painless slumber by performing belly laughter for approximately 10 minutes.

How are these endorphins released? These are actually released by means of our physical activities.

Even though it might not be possible for us to visit the fitness center, we can release

endorphins by performing some pleasurable activities such as listening to our favorite songs.

When we are drowned in happiness without thinking of anything negative and are

involved only in the present moment, then endorphins will be released naturally within our system.

Apart from this, playfulness can also be responsible for the release of endorphins.

If there are any kids in our house and we start playing with them, then we will release endorphins without any problem whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, any individual of 60 years of age who can act and play just like a child will never be “old” in the true sense.

Thus, move your body and listen to your favorite music, play with children, and release endorphins in the best possible way.

2. Serotonin

This is another powerful chemical that happens to be a natural healing chemical that is released within our system.

90% of this chemical is released within our belly, and just 10% is released in our brain.

It is the gut bacteria that is accountable for producing this particular chemical.

If there is any imbalance of this chemical, then we can suffer from indigestion,problems in our gut, insomnia, other health issues like constipation, and so on.

Now, the question is from where will serotonin be available. Here, we like to mention that the best source of this chemical happens to be vitamin D.

What is the purest form or source of vitamin D? The answer will be sunshine. Make sure to go out in the sunshine for a few minutes during the day on a regular basis.

Excessive exposure to sunshine can cause certain health problems in the long run.

We will not achieve the same result by consuming lots of vitamin D3 tablets.

The second source of serotonin will be when we appreciate somebody.

The feeling of doing something good or when somebody appreciates us will release this chemical as well.

We already mentioned that 90% of this chemical is released in our gut.

Therefore, it is important to indulge in mindful eating at all times.

In case we do not concentrate on our eating and look at our smartphone while doing so, then we will not provide a signal to our gut that we are actually consuming food items.

If we indulge in mindful eating, then we will not suffer from acidity or any other gutproblems and this will provide us with lots of happiness eventually.

3. Oxytocin

This particular chemical is also known as love chemical.

This chemical will be produced when we experience unconditional love.

When we prefer some individual and he or she comes to us, then dopamine is released within our system.

We also call it the feel-good chemical. However, when we adore somebody and he or she comes to us, then oxytocin will be released within our system.

It is also released in the bodies of pregnant females who are bearing their child in their wombs.

As a matter of fact, it is the purest form of unconditional love that one can experience.

The connection between a mother and her child happens to be unconditional love, and therefore, it can be rightly asserted that the release of oxytocin starts even before the birth of the child.

4. Dopamine

This chemical is released when we play mobile games, smoke cigarettes, browse Internet sites, are addicted to drugs, and do any other activities that are associated with some sort of pleasure.

We can describe this chemical as some sort of pleasure chemical.

When we like to do something then we will release dopamine.

When we suffer from a lack of this chemical, we can be affected by certain conditions likedementia, Parkinson’s disease, and other stressful conditions.

5. Anandamide

This particular chemical can be referred to as the father of all the other four chemicals mentioned earlier.

The name of this chemical is associated with the Sanskrit term “anand” which implies happiness and it is an extremely powerful chemical as well.

"Supercharge Your Happiness: Discover the Science of Boosting Brain's Blissful Chemicals!"

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