How to Detox your Body in 6 Steps

How to Detox your Body in 6 Steps

It is a fact that our bodies appear to be clean from the outside; however, it does not apply that our bodies are similarly clean inside as well.

It might be that you had consumed some junk food item a few days earlier, and the toxic particles from that food item are still lingering in your body somewhere.

Here, we like to mention that different time periods will be required to digest different types of food items.

For example, we might need to invest 1 to 3 hours to digest fruits, 3 to 6 hours to digest vegetables, 6 to 9 hours to digest grains, 9 to 12 hours to digest animal protein, as well as 24 hours to digest junk food items.

We tend to consume food items at regular intervals, and therefore, we have consumed more food items even before the previous food items have been digested.

As a result, there is an accumulation of undigested food items within our system.

It can result in the generation of bacteria and toxic substances which can become attached to the internal layers of the intestine.

Therefore, it is possible for the internal layers of the intestine to absorb nutrients effectively.

Even if it does, there is a possibility that toxins get absorbed into our bloodstream along with the nutrients.

Individuals tend to suffer from various types of ailments right from here.

The leftover toxic substances from the food items start damaging the inner walls of our intestines which we call ulcers.

Here, we have enumerated 6 possible solutions which will help us to get rid of these problems once and for all.

1. Fasting

Our bodies will be able to consume the dead cells as well as toxins and will be able to convert themselves into raw materials if our stomach is empty.

It is a fact that the majority of our energy is spent on digesting food items that we have consumed during the day.

When it is free from the process of digestion it will activate a particular process which is referred to as autophagy.

Make it a point to perform fasting for at least 24 hours a day every week.

If it is not possible, then resort to intermittent fasting which implies that you need to provide your body with 16 hours of rest.

For example, you can make sure to consume your food items at 6 PM and then have your breakfast at approximately 9 AM the next day in the morning. In case you find it difficult to perform this routine initially, try to convert it into a habit gradually.

2. Lemon water

Make it a point to consume lemon water early in the morning when your stomach is empty.

It’ll be even better to consume lemon water along with lukewarm water.

You may also add some honey to the lemon water in case you are suffering from dryness.

Lemon water is full of vitamin C which can improve our immunity significantly.

It also helps to repair our dead cells while enhancing our metabolic process. In case you are suffering from indigestion, lemon water will also help to alleviate this problem.

3. Mental detox

It is a fact that every cell within our body is responsible for making protein.

However, a healthy environment will be required to make this protein.

Nevertheless, if we suffer from stress, it can ruin the function of the cell significantly.

If we suffer from bad memories or anger, its effects will be passed on to our cells.

Stress can be the cause of lots of ailments from which individuals might suffer in the long run.

We need to detox our minds in case we like our cells to function in the best possible way.

But, the question that might arise right here is how it is possible to detox our minds.

For this, we need to wash out all the negative feelings and emotions from our brains.

We can call this process mental detox which can help us to become mentally and physically healthy in the long run.

How to Detox your Body in 6 Steps

4. Triphala

This particular item is considered to be the king of Ayurvedic medication.

Here, you will come across as many as three fruits, namely, amla (known for its anti-cancerous properties consisting of vitamin C, minerals, and amino acids), baheda (which is antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory), and haritaki (helps to get rid of toxins).

Apart from getting rid of the toxins from our system, it likewise helps to get rid of the pesticide toxicity of our body.

Moreover, the toxicity created within our system because of the consumption of alcohol can also be eliminated with the help of triphala.

Furthermore, in case you are suffering from digestive problems and stress, you will also find triphala to be extremely beneficial.

We are in the habit of producing a happy hormone known as serotonin within our gut.

In case there is any disturbance in the activities of the gut, we tend to suffer from anxiety and stress.

Fortunately, triphala can prove to be a wonderful medicine to get rid of these conditions.

Try to consume 1 teaspoon of triphala on an empty stomach along with some lukewarm water to get the best results.

Moreover, there is no need to consume this on a daily basis, and you can get the job done by only taking triphala for four to five days consecutively, and that’s all!

Here, we like to mention that in case you are taking any sort of medication or you happen to be a lactating mother, make sure not to take triphala. In case you want to take it, make it a point to consult your physician for his guidance.

5. Fiber

It’ll be possible to increase fiber within our system by consuming fresh fruits.

It’ll be a good idea to consume fruits before consuming your meals.

It can help us in a couple of ways. First, fiber will enter our system which will help to create lubrication.

In this way, it’ll be possible for food items to pass on to the digestive tract without any problems whatsoever. Secondly, there is less possibility for us to consume carbohydrates in case we consume fiber on a regular basis.

Consumption of fruits will provide our body with minerals and vitamins apart from fiber.

Fiber is also available from another item, which is known as isabgol.

It will help to clear our stomach as well as get rid of excess fat from our system apart from regulating sugar levels, particularly for diabetic patients.

There is no need to continue having isabgol every single day, instead, make sure to consume lemon water for seven days consecutively followed by isabgol for seven days, and then triphala for another one week to get the desired outcomes. In this way, we will have a better lifestyle full of happiness and energy.

The increment of the consumption of fiber within our system will help to enhance our detoxification process significantly.

6. Be active

At present, the majority of individuals tend to stay inactive for the majority of the day.

However, it’ll be a good idea to start moving from one place to another by providing your body with a break. In this way, it’ll be possible for us to remain young for a long time to come.

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