Health benefits of brisk walking 2024 Free Guide

Health benefits of brisk walking

It is a fact that we can consider brisk walking to be the most effective aerobic exercise on the planet.

The most important health benefit of brisk walking is that it will help you to save a lot of cash.

Here, you might be thinking how it will be possible. It will help you to save money that would be spent on hospital expenses.

Let us find out all the benefits of brisk walking in detail right below.

1. Increases lung capacity

While walking we tend to breathe more oxygen so that toxins come out of our system after getting neutralized.

It also strengthens the lungs muscles.

Once the capacity of the lungs increases, we will be able to deal with rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and tuberculosis successfully.

2. Improves digestion

Walking likewise improved digestion. We will feel the difference within only 1 week after starting to walk briskly.

In fact, walking helps to enhance the peristaltic movement within our intestines.

In case the peristaltic movement becomes weak for any person, he will suffer from improper metabolism in the long run.

Some people suffer from acidity even after consuming a small amount of snacks due to the fact that their metabolism is not functioning properly.

The good thing is that walking will help to increase peristaltic movement and it will increase our metabolism to a great extent.

3. Enhances cardiovascular health

According to a study done at Harvard University, it was found that our heart muscles become strong if we start walking for at least 21 minutes a day.

It minimizes our risk of cardiac arrest by 30%. Moreover, walking improves our blood circulation preventing the deposition of plaques within our arteries.

Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) can be a cause of heart attack.

It starts getting deposited within our blood vessels making them narrow over time.

However, brisk walking will aid in keeping the levels of HDL intact while minimizing the levels of LDL significantly.

4. Reduces blood sugar levels

Apart from lowering our blood sugar levels, walking also prevents the onset of diabetes in the future.

While walking, our bodies are able to use insulin in a better way and also decrease insulin sensitivity effectively.

5. Improves our blood circulation

Walking aids in increasing the circulation of blood within our brain and it also enhances the supply of oxygen. It increases our mental efficiency as well.

Moreover, there is no possibility for our blood vessels to become blocked which reduces the possibility of brain stroke too. 

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of walking is that it helps to reduce the risk of developing Dementia and Alzheimer’s by 48%. Many old people are suffering from these conditions mentioned above right now.

6. Improves flexibility

Walking helps to make our body flexible as well. We tend to suffer from arthritis and pain in our joints when we become older.

However, walking helps to improve the lubrication between our ligaments and it makes our body extremely strong over time.

Walking will help us to get rid of arthritis since it will make our bone density high and tone our muscles too.

More females are struggling with osteoporosis nowadays compared to males these days since their bones tend to become weak.

Therefore, it is essential for females to start walking briskly today.

7. Minimizes stress

When we suffer from stress, we tend to overeat and make unwanted expenses.

Walking will help to kill the stress present in us, and thus, our bodies will not release negative chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline anymore.

These chemicals have the ability to attack our musculoskeletal system in the long run.

Walking briskly for 60 minutes a day will also help to reduce depressive disorders effectively.

There will be more secretion of endorphins within our system when we start walking briskly which will provide us with a sense of blissfulness and satisfaction.

Health benefits of brisk walking

8. Helps to cure insomnia

At present, many people suffer from insomnia because of their sedentary lifestyle and improper food habits.

However, it is possible for us to sleep adequately while walking for 45 minutes every day.

It is a fact that walking helps to encourage our production of melatonin which happens to be the most important chemical for proper slumber.

Moreover, we become exhausted while walking, and this can also help us to sleep better at night.

9. Minimizes the risk of cancer

Our sedentary lifestyle can be a major cause of suffering from cancer these days.

In fact, walking helps to reduce the possibilities of breast cancer and colon cancer in females by as much as 31%.

10. Helps us to reduce weight

In case we walk for 30 minutes on a daily basis, it can help us to burn approximately 150 calories effectively.

It will aid us to reduce our fat significantly in the long run. Make it a point to walk for at least 10,000 steps on a regular basis.

It is a fact that our bodies are not ideal for jogging, and walking will be a better option than jogging for sure.

In case a fat person wants to shed pounds, then he should indulge in brisk walking instead of jogging.

11.Makes our immunity stronger

Walking briskly helps to increase the supply of oxygen within our system which will help to enhance immunity as well.

It likewise helps to stimulate our lymphocytes which happen to be a part of our white blood cells.

It is also a part of our immune system that helps to prevent the onset of any disease affected.

We can describe it as something that fights to prevent our body from getting affected by medical conditions.

12. Minimize the risk of early death

It is a proven fact that walking briskly can help to reduce our possibility of early death by 15%.

It also helps to increase our energy and helps with varicose veins as well. One can also describe walking as a powerful drug-free painkiller.

Moreover, walking quickly will also aid in improving the levels of testosterone to a large extent. Any individual suffering from erectile dysfunction problems will be benefited as well.

How to perform brisk walking?

While walking normally, we usually take 60 to 80 steps per minute.

However, while walking briskly we will walk at a slightly higher speed.

While walking quickly, we take 100 to 120 every minute.

Nevertheless, this can vary from one person to another.

There is no problem for us to start by walking normally and our target will be to take 2 steps in one second.

It will also help us to achieve our target heart rate.

Our maximum heart rate happens to be 220.

Now, how to find out our target heart rate? For this, you need to deduct your age from 220.

We need to achieve a moderate aerobic zone which can be found by deducting our age from 220 and multiplying it by 70%.

In the long run, it is essential to take at least 100 steps every minute to get the best results.

We can start by walking normally, and then we need to increase our speed, and we have to walk slower than normal for the last five minutes.

Lastly, we will mention the number of steps that we need to walk.

It is important to walk 10,000 steps every day to get the desired results.

It’ll be a good idea to start by walking for 10 minutes and gradually we can increase the number of minutes.

Another thing that we like to mention here is that we should try to inhale through our nose while walking.

Try to avoid walking in polluted areas and keep a water bottle available to you in case you are walking for more than 30 minutes.

While walking, always make sure to look in the forward direction and not sideways.

Also, make it a point to wear comfortable clothing as well as shoes.

Drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day to prevent your body from getting dehydrated.

In a nutshell, we like to mention that in case you are suffering from any serious medical condition, then make sure to walk every day to get the best results.

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