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Comprehending the top 4 candlestick patterns in stock market

If you want to get some information regarding the movement of the price of an asset, then you can take the help of candlestick patterns.

A particular period is represented by each candlestick according to the timeframe chosen by the trader.

Download Candlestick Patterns PDF

Traditionally, it’ll be a good idea to use candlesticks regularly since it is possible for each candle to capture the information as well as price action for the full day.

Therefore, it is evident that candlesticks are more beneficial to swing or longer-term traders.

It is possible for individual candlesticks to create patterns over time that can be used by traders to detect significant resistance as well as support levels.

Here, we like to mention that if the 1D chart is set by you, then every single candlestick will stand for a single day.

Top candlestick patterns

In this article, we will enlist the most significant candlestick patterns despite the fact that there are many available out there.

So, let us not waste time and look at the leading candlestick patterns right below.

1. Hammer

This particular candlestick pattern consists of a short body having an elongated lower wick, and we usually find it below a downward trend.

A hammer will suggest that a down move is coming to an end.

The long lower tail is meant to signify that sellers have tried one more attempt lower;

however, they had been rebuffed by the price erasing the majority of the losses on the particular day.

The name of a hammer pattern is like that because the candlestick is going to resemble an upright hammer’s shape.

Although you might come across hammer patterns with red or green candles, the green one is going to point to a more powerful uptrend in the long run.

2. Inverted hammer

Almost similar to the regular hammer pattern, this one comes with a much shorter lower wick as well as a much longer upper shadow.

An inverse hammer is going to indicate a purchasing pressure which is followed by a selling pressure not powerful enough to send down the market price.

It is suggested by the inverse hammer that it’ll be possible for the purchasers to control the market in the near future.

3. Morning Star

This candlestick pattern tends to be more complicated since it consists of as many as 3 candlesticks.

One can consider this particular candlestick pattern to be a symptom of hope in an otherwise depressing market downtrend.

The Morning Star pattern actually represents the appearance of the Morning Star before sunrise, and therefore, it signifies the bullish condition of the market.

It is good to signal that the selling pressure is going to subside for the first day while a bleak market is going to come soon.

Download Candlestick Patterns PDF

4. Three white soldiers

Here, we will mention the three white soldiers candlestick pattern which consists of as many as 3 long green candles in a particular row.

This pattern happens to a bullish reversal pattern which is more dependable while forming a downtrend which is developed for an extended span of time.

It is imperative for each candlestick to be open close to the market price of the previous candlestick in order to be valid.

This particular candlestick pattern is going to indicate a consistent progression of buying pressure.

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