DOMS Industries IPO

DOMS Industries IPO

DOMS Industries IPO                               ₹

13,500/ 18 shares

DOMS Industries Limited                            Minimum Investment

DOMS Industries IPO Details

Bidding Dates                          Min. InvestmentLot Size                     Price Range

13 Dec ’23                               ₹13,500                18                           ₹ 750 – ₹790

15 Dec ‘23

Issue Size                                 IPO Doc

1200.00Cr                               RHP PDF ⬇️

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Subscription StatusAs on 13 Dec ’23, 5:00 PM

Qualified Institutional Buyers                                                                                               0.06x
Non-Institutional Investor                                                                                                     7.95x
Retail Individual Investor                                                                                                    19.13x
Employees                                                                                                                                9.25x
Total                                                                                                                                          5.71x

About DOMS Industries

DOMS Industries, which was founded on 24 October 2006, is known to design, develop, manufacture, and sell various types of art and stationary items.

DOMS, which is the primary brand of the company, has been recognized domestically in as many as 45 global markets.

DOMS Industries, which specializes in 7 distinct categories consisting of scholastic art material, scholastic stationary, office supplies, paper stationary, kits and combos, fine art products, and hobby and craft, has a reputation for supplying top-quality and properly designed art and stationary materials to customers.

The manufacturing operations are conducted by this company from a number of facilities such as Bari Brahma, J&K, Umbergaon, Gujarat.

As on 30 September 2023, this company can boast of having an extensive distribution network consisting of multiple channels.

The distribution network of DOMS Industries is present in India as well as abroad, spanning Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe.

Parent Organisation              Founded              Managing Director

DOMS Industries Limited                    2006                            Mr. Santosh     RasiklalRaveshia

Strengths and Risks

  • DOMS Industries has a market share of around 12% by value as on 2023 and it happens to be the second-biggest player in the “stationary and art market” in India.
  • This company can boast of having an extensive array of product categories which include more than 3,800 SKUs as of 30 September 2023.
  • As many as 13 manufacturing facilities are operated by this company in Umbergaon, Gujarat which cover approximately 34 acres of land, and this makes it one of the biggest stationary manufacturing facilities in the country.
  • The company was involved in direct export of products in 2021, 2022, and 2023, via distribution partnerships, together with the 6 months ending 30 September 2023 which yielded revenues of ₹100.17 crore, ₹164.731 crore, ₹257.57 crore, as well as ₹144.19 crore respectively.
  • The company is accountable for managing 7 warehouses, more than 120 super stockists, 3 depots, plus a network of over 4,000 distributors as on 30 September 2023 along with a vast network of over 4,000 distributors across 8 union territories and 28 states.
  • DOMS Industries has a strategic alliance with FabbricaItaliana Lapis edAffini S.p.A (FILA) which has helped it to expand globally in Europe, Asia Pacific, as well as Middle Eastern markets.
  • A notable part of the gross product sales of the company, namely 60.23%, 59.54%, 59.06%, and 62.12% in 2021, 2023, 2022, and the 6 months ending 30 September 2023 has been derived from the marketing of key products. In case it is not possible for the company to sustain the sales and quality of these items, its financial performance can be affected adversely.
  • There is also a distribution risk since the company depends too much on the “general trade” distribution network that contributes to gross product sales of over 70.00% during the past 3 years and the 6 months ending 30 September 2023. The business, financial well-being, and outcomes of the company can be harmed by the inefficient management of the network eventually.
  • One more concern happens to be the dependence of the company on FILA Group, especially for export sales. The business operations can be disrupted if FILA discontinues becoming a Promoter, and this can affect development, research, and export capabilities adversely.
  • DOMS Industries had to face a ₹6.026 crore loss in 2021, attributed hugely to lockdowns related to COVID 19, and this affected domestic as well as export sales, particularly offices, educational institutions, retail outlets, and workplaces.
  • A threat is posed by the reliance of the business on limited suppliers for some specific raw materials since inability to get hold of them might affect financial condition, business, and operational outcomes negatively.
  • The total borrowing of the company got to ₹152.724 crore as of 31 October 2023. DOMS Industries has ₹50 crores of unsecured loan as of 31 October 2023 from Axis Bank Limited.
  • Negative cash flows in the past financial years along with the possible contribution of these sorts of trends in the upcoming days might have an impact on liquidity and operations in an adverse manner.
DOMS Industries IPO

Application details

Apply as                                               Price band                                                   Apply upto
Regular                                               ₹750 – 790                                                  ₹2 Lakh
Employee                                           ₹675 – 715                                                  ₹2 Lakh
High Networth                                  ₹750 – 790                                                  ₹2 – 5 Lakh Individual

For DOMS Industries IPO, eligible investors may apply as Employee and Regular.


Q. What is the DOMS Industries IPO issue size?

Ans. The DOMS Industries IPO issue size hasn’t been declared yet.

Q. What is meant by “pre-apply” for DOMS Industries IPO?

Ans. You will be able to apply for DOMS Industries IPO two days prior to the commencement of the subscription period with the help of pre-apply.

Q. When will my order be placed in case I pre-apply for DOMS Industries IPO?

Ans. Your order will get placed on the exchange once the bidding for DOMS Industries IPO commences. A UPI request will come to you within 24 hours after the opening of the bidding period.

Q. When can I understand whether my DOMS Industries IPO has been placed or not?

Ans. You will be notified once the order for DOMS Industries IPO is placed with the exchange.

Q. What are the opening and closing dates for the DOMS Industries IPO?

Ans. DOMS Industries IPO is going to open from 13 December – 15 December, 2023.

Q. What is the minimum order quantity and lot size for DOMS Industries IPO?

Ans. The lot size for DOMS Industries IPO hasn’t been declared yet.

Q. What are the dates of allotment for DOMS Industries IPO?

Ans. The allotment date for DOMS Industries IPO is 18 December, 2023. You may go to the website of the IPO registrar to check the allotment status of DOMS Industries IPO.

Q. Who is the DOMS Industries IPO registrar?

Ans. DOMS Industries IPO registrar happens to be Link Intime India Private Ltd. It will be possible to verify the allotment status of DOMS Industries IPO on the registrar’s website.

Q. Where will the DOMS Industries IPO be listed?

Ans. The shares have been proposed to get listed on NSE and BSE.

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