Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Nowadays man’s life turns into a war who may not be there may be the situation may be sudden calamities but we all have a constant war situation may come and go.

From 5 year old boy who went to school and the old man who fought for his pension also faces the situations as a life of challenges.

So it has become a part of man’s life since the birth of man.

In fact, there are no swords or weapons in this challenges but this is common to all the people. Even those who have achieved great success in life have problems.

Most successful people have more problems.

Because next to a victory there is another problem ready but great people are constantly happy in solving that problem so life is always a challenge for them realizing this truth, man is happy from the stage of student.

Be Brave

In some places, goodness is useless. In some places, we may have to behave harshly. In other places, we may have a situation where we have to show off.

Thus we have to know which powers we have in which to use them in the right combination under which conditions.

Enemies are not just the person, also the problem, the frustration, the trouble, the satisfaction, all these are our enemies, defeat the enemy with the strength there is no one in this world without challenging life.

This means that when we are satisfied that we have won over the enemies, we have to fight another problem, problem after problem. Without problem, there can be no happiness.

Imagine a man in a situation where there are no problems and all he has to do is eat and sleep and he will go insane after ten days.

Benefits from problems

Every problem has a benefit that depends on what we learn from it, if not at least we gain experience from it.

We see some people committing suicide due to problems.

Many prominent psychologists say that if a man can stop him for ten minutes to understand his situation by himself, he will be free from the thought to die.

Troubles happen to everyone, good and bad, in this world there are not two types of good and bad, there are only human beings.

Until now, if we sit thinking that God will deliver the good people from their troubles, we will be destroyed. Who lives in this world thinking that I am not good? So every man thinks that because he is good, goodness has saved him from difficulties, but if he realizes that the real solution is within us, he will be able to know the real solution and get out of the problem.

Be Yourself

Prioritize Yourself

We have to give priority to every small and big thing that happens in our life.

Fearlessly implement the doctrine you believe in which does not harm others.

Even if ten people think wrong about you, do not abandon your doctrine if it is good, but if your doctrine seems bad to you, then honestly abandon it.

A person who loves and respects himself and lives by believing in his values, people will start loving him, if not now, at least for some time.

Also, don’t pretend to live a different life by believing in a theory and practicing it.

Don’t fool yourself as the saying of a cat drinking milk with its eyes closed is always applicable to us.

If we live as we think, those who need us will remain our friends.

Spend more time with yourself.

It represents your love for yourself and only then will you know more about yourself.

We must constantly live with ourselves.

We should be looking at ourselves.

It is a blessing that we live as we are. Look at the society around us, many people are not living the way they want to live.

But some people live the way they want to live but do not speak out.

Speak Out and Be Yourself

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