7 days loan app list in India 2023

7 days loan app list

At present, individuals often face some situations when they are in need of urgent cash.

During these times, they tend to borrow money from their known persons.

Nevertheless, there might be some situations when it is imperative for you to borrow money from outside on an urgent basis. During these times, people tend to look for some loan app to obtain the funds within a short span of time.

7 days loan app list

What do you mean by 7-Day Loan Apps?

It is a sort of emergency loan app in which case one will get the loan without any proof and he has to pay the loan within one week after obtaining it.

The majority of these types of 7-day applications provide loans at a high rate of interest for earning more money within a short time.

The majority of these apps don’t operate for a long duration of time.

Moreover, most of these applications are not endorsed by the RBI.

7 days loan app list in India

In case any person is looking for a 7-day loan app on the Play Store, he will find lots of such applications available at present.

However, it is imperative for him to be careful while selecting these since many of these apps happen to be unregistered without any approval from the RBI whatsoever.

Here, we have mentioned several 7 days loan apps that should capture your interest:

•          Instant Loan

•          Hello Rupee

•          Cash Fast

•          Money Tree

•          Sunshine

•          Agile Loan

•          Star Loan

•          More Cash

•          Small Credit

•          Flash Rupee

7 days loan app list

What happens to be the 7 Days Loan App Harassment Complaint Number?

Here we like to mention that the Harassment Complaint Number for the 7 Days Loan App is 1930.

In case the loan app agents are harassing you or are molesting you, you should not hesitate to ask for assistance or help.

It’ll be a sensible idea to come in touch with the National Cyber Crime Helpline 1930 to report such issues.

It is likewise possible to file a complaint on https://cybercrime.gov.in, the official cybercrime reporting site.

7 Days Loan App benefits

•          These apps will provide you with loans online without any kind of paperwork.

•          You don’t require many documents to obtain a loan from these apps.

•          It’ll be possible to get a loan within a very short span of time.

•          These apps will provide you with loans without any kind of income proof.

7 Days Loan App drawbacks

•          These apps are not registered under any NBFC company or RBI.

•          The interest rate is quite high and it increases quite fast.

How to figure out whether a 7-Day Loan App is genuine or fake?

Below, we have mentioned some information regarding how to understand whether these apps are fake or genuine.

•          It promises you to provide loans at an attractive interest.

•          The rating of these apps on the Play Store is not good.

•          They begin to make plenty of calls as well as messages to provide loans.

•          The app is going to approve the loan without verifying your credit score.

•          The app will ask for a minimum number of documents.

•          They will provide you with different offers and force you to take the loans.

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