11 Health benefits of Isabgol psyllium husk 

11 Health benefits of Isabgol psyllium husk 

The thing that we are going to describe in this article is also known as superfood or super medicine.

It is completely natural, does not have any chemicals, and will also not cause any side effects.

This stuff is known as isabgol.

In English, it is known as psyllium husk.

In this post, we will talk about the top 11 benefits of isabgol that will appear to be surprising to you.

1. Helps to cure constipation

Isabgol can become one of the best natural laxatives due to the content of soluble and insoluble fibers inside it.

It helps to maintain the softness of our bowels so that they can pass out easily.

In this way, it helps to get rid of constipation while helping us to eliminate toxins from our system.

Make sure not to take isabgol along with your food, and you can take it one hour before going to bed along with lukewarm water or with milk.

In case you want to take isabgol along with water, then make certain to drink an adequate amount of water since isabgol has the ability to absorb water significantly.

2. Prevents cancer

The dietary fiber present inside isabgol can also help to prevent cancer, particularly colorectal cancer.

The main reason for this cancer happens to be a low fiber diet. It is important for females to consume at least 21 g and males 30 g of dietary fiber every day.

It will provide us with at least 15 g of fiber successfully which can dilute the cancer-causing compounds known as carcinogen.

In a particular study, it was found that dietary fiber can help us to prevent cancer, especially colorectal cancer significantly. Isabgol contains as many as 5 g of fiber in every spoon.

3. Gets rid of acidity, gastric issues, and heartburn

Isabgol is able to absorb acids and prevent the formation of excessive gas within our intestines.

It also saves us from hyperacidity and metabolic syndrome.

It prevents stomach ulcers by forming a layer over the inner lining of our stomach.

4. A blessing for our digestive system

In case we are suffering from stomach pain, indigestion, and so on, isabgol can heal those conditions naturally.

The natural cooling effects of isabgol help to balance the heat within our intestines.

Isabgol promotes the production of digestive enzymes within our gut.

It helps to make our digestive process better by regulating our metabolic functions.

In this way, isabgol has the ability to boost our immune system significantly.

Make it a point to take 1 teaspoon of isabgol along with normal water before going to bed every night.

11 Health benefits of Isabgol psyllium husk 

5. Regulates blood sugar

Isabgol contains natural gelatin which helps to slow down the breakdown of glucose within our system.

This helps to control our blood sugar levels effectively.

Make sure to take 1 teaspoon of isabgol every day along with lukewarm water either after consuming your food or in the evening.

6. Reduces cholesterol levels

Isabgol helps to minimize our cholesterol levels. Make it a point to consume 10 g of isabgol on a daily basis along with two glasses of water to get the best results.

7. Minimizes the risk of heart attack

The main reason for cardiac arrest happens to be the fact that there is an increase in triglyceride levels within our system.

The good thing is that isabgol helps to lower our levels of triglycerides and also keeps our heart healthy while preventing cardiac arrest.

Make sure to take a couple of teaspoons of isabgol along with lukewarm water before going to bed to get the desired effects.

8. Helps in weight loss

Isabgol is the perfect natural supplement if you like to lose weight.

It does this by controlling our appetite, thus minimizing the intake of additional calories in the long run.

Make sure to take isabgol 30 minutes before taking your lunch to get the filling effect so that you do not consume any extra food items.

9. Beneficial for individuals suffering from rectum issues

Many people suffering from rectum issues like piles, fissures, and so forth will also be benefited after consuming isabgol.

It acts as a natural lubricant which helps to get rid of rectum issues effectively.

Moreover, isabgol also provides us with cooling effects.

10. Cures diarrhoea

Isabgol is also beneficial for people suffering from loose motion.

This is because it has antisecretory and antidiarrheal properties that will be beneficial for diarrhea.

It’ll be advisable to take isabgol along with yogurt to get the best results.

11. Helps to boost the secretion of serotonin

Isabgol can act as an antidepressant by neutralizing the effects of cortisol, the stress hormone.

95% of the production of serotonin happens within our guts which helps to neutralize cortisol.

There will be more production of this hormone in case our gut is healthy and this can be achieved by taking isabgol.

Thus, it can be rightly asserted that isabgol can help us to get rid of depression.

Other benefits of isabgol

Isabgol helps to increase our energy and strength and protects the mucus layer within our stomach too.

Apart from this, intake of fiber can also help to get rid of skin problems while increasing our glamour effectively.

Some females might suffer from excessive bleeding and white discharge which can be reduced by consuming isabgol.

It is likewise beneficial for fatty liver and removes toxins from our systems.

•          It is possible to take isabgol along with any food item.

•          You can also take it continuously for one month. In the next month, you can take it for seven days followed by three days the subsequent month, and go on continuing like this.

•          It does not make you an addict over time.

In case you are thinking about which particular brand of isabgol to take, we like to mention that it is possible to take virtually any brand out there.

And, the good thing is that it is not costly at all.

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